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“Can you build a modular notebook?” Yes! We can. The SHIFT13mi is a high-quality detachable device that was developed using all of our smartphone know-how. The result is an innovative device with high-performance hardware and aesthetic design.



“Can you build a modular notebook?” Yes! We can. The SHIFT13mi is a high-quality detachable device that was developed using all of our smartphone know-how. The result is an innovative device with high-performance hardware and aesthetic design.


This characterizes our SHIFT13mi

Powerful thanks to 11th generation intel processor (tiger lake).

Available both as single tablet or in a bundle (with keyboard, pen and FlexCase).

SHIFT keys: Universal 5-in-1 keyboard with charger, power bank and USB hub.

Designed in Germany and assembled in our fair production line in China.

Silent use thanks to hybrid cooling architecture and manual fan control.

The SHIFT13mi is currently still available at a pre-order price (from EUR 999).

Notice: SHIFT13mi still in project status!

The SHIFT13mi is in its final part of the project. Devices of the 1st generation have already been shipped. We are currently planning to ship the final device generation for the end of July 2022.

Impressions of the SHIFT13mi

SHIFT13mi bundle – technical details

Equipment / accessories

The scope of delivery of the SHIFT13mi bundle includes:
– the tablet unit (the actual SHIFT13mi)
– the keyboard unit SHIFTkeys (hub, 10-finger multi-touch surface, keyboard, multi-charger and power bank)
– the Active Pen SHIFTpen
– a power supply
– a USB-C-C charging cable
– bulletproof glass for the display
– the FlexCase, a folding case including a bumper, which holds the tablet and the Keyboard combined into one device.

Other optional accessories for the SHIFT13mi have not yet been determined, but are possible.

Battery pack

We cannot yet make any final statements about the battery life of the SHIFT13mi, as the battery consumption depends on several factors. The consumption is influenced by the final drivers, the selected operating system, but of course also by user-specific factors such as display brightness, apps used, connected devices, etc. We will be releasing more information about this in the coming weeks.


The SHIFT13mi has a 13.3 inch FullHD (1920x1080px) display with a ratio of 16:9. The display is easily exchangeable because the SHIFT13mi, like our SHIFTPHONES, is modular. This is primarily for easy repairs. The display will initially only be available in one version. In the future, we may implement an anti-reflective coating or a clear or matte display using various bulletproof glasses. A clear bulletproof glass is included in the delivery.


The SHIFT13mi has a HD front camera with a kill switch. A rear camera is not installed.

Connectivity / Connections
The tablet unit of the SHIFT13mi has four USB-C ports, two of which are Thunderbold 4. The SHIFT13mi can be charged via each of the ports, but it is best to keep the Thunderbold ports free for data transfer 😉

There are also four USB Type-C ports in the SHIFTkeys keyboard unit, all of which use the USB 3.0 standard. We are therefore currently developing a USB-C-A adapter, which can then be used to convert the Type-C port into a Type-A port. We are also working on a hub that will then provide HDMI, Displayport, USB Type-C and Type-A, among other things. Any other USB hub can also be used.

The SHIFT13mi does not have an integrated LAN connection, but can also be used via e.g. USB Type-C to Ethernet adapter. Wifi 6 and Bluetooth 5 are available as wireless connections.

The tablet also has a microSD card slot in the tablet unit, as well as two M.2 SSD slots, one of which is occupied by a 512 GB SSD on delivery and the second slot is used for memory expansion.

Headphones and headsets can be connected to the SHIFT13mi via the 3.5mm audio jack.

The SHIFT13mi does not have a SIM card slot for mobile data, you can simply use the hotspot, e.g. of your SHIFTPHONE.

Keyboard connection

The SHIFTkeys keyboard can be connected to the SHIFT13mi via Bluetooth, USB-A Dongle or USB-C cable.


The SHIFT13mi has two kill switches. One can be used to turn off the camera and microphone and the other to disable the fan.

Memory / Processor

Memory (RAM) and processor (CPU) are not interchangeable. In the tablet form factor, there is currently only the option of soldering the RAM and CPU permanently due to the design. However, by replacing the mainboard, we will be able to upgrade the main memory, for example.

Hardware replacement / Upgrade option

This can be done individually with us. To upgrade, there will be the option of replacing the mainboard at a later point in time, as mentioned in the topic of main memory/processor. Due to the modularity of the SHIFT13mi, the subboards and other components can also be exchanged, especially for repair purposes. The SSDs are of course also interchangeable. In principle, you can always return all of our devices to us and upgrade to other models so that they can be used for as long as possible and everyone has the device they need.

Active Pen

The SHIFTpen is powered by a replaceable AAAA battery.

Operating systems

The first SHIFT13mi ships with Windows 10. According to the current state of knowledge, it is also suitable for Windows 11. We are also creating a ShiftOS based on Linux.

Fan concepts

The SHIFT13mi is optimized for passive cooling. This means that it can be used normally without a fan and is therefore completely silent. The heat pipes built into the tablet and the selected housing materials ensure that the heat is quickly distributed and dissipated. A fan is still installed so that even more performance of the SHIFT13mi can be used. This can be activated with a switch to support the air circulation in the device and thus dissipate more heat.

Recycling chain / Materials

When developing the SHIFT13mi, as with all our devices, we focus on modularity and, where possible, on fair production and raw material extraction. We make sure that fair raw materials are used and that conflict raw materials are either avoided or otherwise compensated. Both the people involved in production and nature are very important to us. We take our principle of “doing as much good as we can and doing as little damage as possible along the way” very seriously when developing and manufacturing new devices. Due to the modularity, individual parts can be separated according to type and reused sustainably. Like all our devices, the SHIFT13mi will also have a device deposit.