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IFA+ Summit 2019 SHIFT happens
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Each Shift-Device is created with passion for detail: It is stylish, yet minimalist. A design without frills, on the outside (ID) or inside (User-Interface). Even if you’re not familiar with Android-phones, you will soon feel comfortable and will be supported in integrating your SHIFTPHONE into your existing system landscape ;-).


It is important to us that you can enjoy your SHIFT for a long time: The storage is expandable and the battery can be changed easily. Repairs are inexpensive and you can even take matters in your own hands: We give you the parts and video-tutorials and you can fix your SHIFT yourself. And in case you disassemble the device or root it, your warranty will still be valid.

100% LOVE

You can be sure: People involved in creating the SHIFT devices matter to us. We care about good working conditions, including fair wages and working hours. And of course we will not allow child labor in the production of your SHIFTPHONE. Beyond that, the conflict material coltan is not part of any device. It is also important to us to protect the environment as much as possible. The impact report – newly published at the beginning of May 2019 – is currently only in a German language version available. The english version will be published soon and linked here.

* Das SHIFTmu & SHIFT13mi are in development stage, in which details can still change. We update this list as soon as details change. You do not take any risk: If your preordered device does not meet your expectations any more you can resign from the purchase contract and send the device back to us before delivery or within 14 days of receiving it.




Development and tool production


Production, transport and customs


Dues, certifications and warranties


Support for social and sustainability projects

As a small family business without investors we have a clear goal: To do as much good and as little damage as possible. We take this goal very seriously and implement it consequently and in an optimized way. We don’t extract personal profits and the budget for advertisement and marketing is smaller than 0.1 percent and thus not specified here.

Further information, video tutorials and instructions can be found in our Wiki and our YouTube channel (currently only in German).
For urgent support requests please always contact – press enquiries please to

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